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  Remember the Fallen
     by Thomas Cormier

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Fleeing the Nomadin, Ilien seeks aid from the last person he ever thought would give it. For his father, Gallund, is held prisoner by an enemy immune to Nomadin magic, an enemy who would use him to release an unthinkable evil upon the world. To rescue him, Ilien must forsake all he knows to be true. He must learn a forbidden magic. He must discover who he truly is, or become . . . NiDemon.

"In NiDemon, the action-packed sequel to Nomadin, Shawn Cormier delivers convincing, colorful characters and an inventive fantasy world chocked full of mystery and danger sure to please old fans and win a legion of new ones. This is a book you shouldn't miss!"

Robert E. Vardeman, Author of The Cenotaph Road series

ISBN 0974015113    272 PAGES    $12.95 RETAIL
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