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  Remember the Fallen
     by Thomas Cormier

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  Home page

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Young Ilien knows nothing of the dark tales told around late-night fires, or of the legendary Nomadin Wizards and the prophesy that haunts them. But all that is soon to change. For a shadow touches the peaceful land of Nadae. An ancient evil is stirring. Already a NiDemon has crossed from the land of the dead. And now Ilien must run - from a monster of unimaginable cunning and power, toward a fate more frightening than that which hunts him. But he cannot run forever. Eventually he will have to make a stand. Sooner or later he will have to face what even the legendary Nomadin cannot ... himself.

"Shawn Cormier is a wonderful new voice in fantasy, as he leads the reader on a fun and stout-hearted journey into imaginitive and colorful "Princess Bride" territory. "Nomadin" will surely strike a receptive chord with fans of Tolkien and Robert Jordan. More, Shawn Cormier!"

Nancy Holder, Author of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Blood and Fog

ISBN 0-9740151-0-5    296 PAGES    $12.95 RETAIL
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